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Test item测试名称:

YY/T 0806 Polycarbonate special material for medical transfusion, blood transfusion, injection and other medical instruments

Test info测试内容:

34.1  Appearance 外观
34.2  Melt volume flow rate 熔体体积流动速率
34.3 Density 密度
34.4 Notched impact strength of cantilever beam 悬臂梁缺口冲击强度
34.5 Radiation resistant special materials 耐辐射专用料
34.6 Reducing substances 还原物质
34.7 acidity and alkalinity 酸碱度
34.8 Evaporative residue 蒸发残渣
34.19 Metal ions 金属离子
34.10 Ultraviolet absorbance 紫外吸光度

Lead time测试周期10-12个工作日

Sample size送样规格: 完整样品30套

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