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① : 确认需要对应机构以及索取检测,认证,验厂,验货,校准服务的相应申请表
② : 邮件确认大致费用
③ : 邮件确认服务需求的申请材料和样品数量
④ : 邮件确认服务周期

Step 1 confirm the submission of organization and item of tesing,Audit,inspection,calibration

①: Recognizing the organization," obtain the corresponding application forms authentication, testing audit,certification inspection, calibration services
②: Mail confirmation Approximate cost
③: Mail confirmation the application materials and number of tested samples for service
④: Mail confirmation service period

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申请人需完整填写珩渥检测所提供的测试申请表,并在申请表上签字盖章,认可填写的内容准确无误(由于申请表所填信息会出现在最终报告中,请认真填写,如需退样 或实际退样地址与寄送报告地址不同,请在申请表上注明) 注:补测需重新提供测试申请表

Step 2 Applicants are required to complete “Headway”application

The applicant need to fill in the application form provided by Headway. The forms should be stamped with official seals and signed after all the information has been carefully checked as accurate by the applicant (The information in the application form will be included in the report, for this reason, the form is to be filled in with great care. If the address for returning the samples is different from the address that the report is to be sent to, it needs to be stated in the application form). The applicant needs to re-apply if the sample need to be retested.

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第三步: 准备申请材料和样品


Step 3 Prepare documents and samples

As required in the application procedure,all related documents and tested sample should be prepared by applicant.

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第四步: 寄送珩渥检测客服部


Step 4 Send DOCUMENT AND SAMPLES TO Headway service DEPT

Applicant should send test samples to the Customer Service Department together with the application form via below address: Room 517,3rd Floor,No.329,Tian yaoqiao Road,Xu Hui District,Shanghai.

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第五步: 客服人员排单

客服人员收到申请材料和样品后将出具正式报价单,在得到申请人确认回复后,客服人员将严格按照测试申请表上的信息安排相关服务,如需申请加急服务,请在申请表 上事先注明 。 注:测试周期以工作日计算(法定假日及其他合作实验室所在国的国定假期除外)

Step 5 Customer Service Department staff makes arrangements

The staff of Service Department will issue an officia quotation once they received the application form and samples. Once the quotation was confirmed by applicant, the customer service officer will arrange the service strictly according to the application form. If express service is needed, it has to be stated inthe application form. The service lead time is calculated byworkday basis (official holidays and the national holidays are excluded).

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第六步: 安排付款

非月结客户请在服务开始后的3个工作日内付款,并提供电汇凭证 。

Step 6 Payment

Not monthly payment clients need to settle the payment within three workdays after the service is under way, a proof of payment should be provided. Note: if we fail to receive your payment proof within three workdays, the service will be suspended until all the payment has been settled.
If cancellation of the tests is due to causes attributable to the applicant, the payment of the General Costs will not be refunded.
Headway reserves the right to interrupt the tests if negative results are obtained. If further tests on new samples are offered (only one per dossier), the applicant will be obliged to accept the conditions and new budget in the event that this implies an increase in Technical Costs.

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第七步: 申请完成,出具报告、证书

当测试或其他服务完成后,珩渥检测的客服人员将第一时间按照申请表中提供的邮箱地址发送电子版测试报告、证书 。

Step 7 Completion of application, provision of testing reports and certificates

When testing and other services are completed, Customer Service officer will immediately send the testing report as well as the certificate in the electronic version to the e-mail address stated in the application form.

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第八步: 正本报告及费用发票快递

珩渥检测将在发送电子版报告或证书,尽快将正本报告及相关测试发票、退样寄出,申请人收到后,整个流程即告完成 。

Step 8 The official report and invoice delivered by express

Headway will deliver the official report, invoice and return the tested samples soon after the soft copy of report and certificate has been issued. When the applicant has received all these, the whole procedure is completed.


单笔申请最低报告费 220RMB
快递费20RMB ( 包含样品寄送, 报告寄送, 发票寄送等综合快递费用 )
电话: +86-21-64086525       邮箱:
Other notifications:
The minimum report fee is 220RMB.
The fee for print report is 200RMB.
Express delivery fee is 20RMB.
Quoted price do not include tax. They are for your reference and the actual
fees will be decided by the samples we receive.
As required by the Taxation Bureau, we charge 6% for making out an general
service tax invoice.
For further information, please contact us by:
TEL: +86-21-64086525       Email: