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Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE): Bacteriophage 病毒过滤效率(VFE):噬菌体

This is a Nelson modified method and it is not required for masks. This is used for marketing claims. The VFE test is adapted from the BFE testing (ASTM F2101). Results for VFE testing are reported up to 99.9%. This test is normally performed on face masks and flat sheet materials.
Sample Amount: Minimum 5 samples recommended; each sample must be 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cm) minimum

这是NELSON实验室专有的修正方案,这不是对于口罩产品本身的要求,这是一种市场营销声称. 病毒防护效果VFE的实验方法改良自实验细菌透过效率BFE. 病毒防护效果的实验精度可以达到99.9%. 该试验通常在面罩和平板材料上进行

样品数量:建议至少5个样品;每个样品必须至少为4 x 4英寸(10 x 10厘米)


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