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 US CPSIA Tracking label request / 美国消费品法对于 tracking label 的要求
1.    产品和包装上都要有(产品部件比较多的时候,在其中一个主要部件上有就可以)
The information should be both in product and packing ( when the product has many components, it could only be marked in one main component )
2.    永久保留(可以是贴纸形式), 清晰可见
Should be a remaining information ( paper sticker is acceptable ), easy to find.
3.    生产商/生产日期/生产地址
The information should include manufacturer, address, and date of manufacture
4.    生产商可以是买家/外贸公司或者工厂
The “ manufacturer ” could be over sea buyer, trading company
5.    生产地址只需要具体到城市名
The address should detail enough, shows which city of the country