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The procedure for TISI approval are mainly 3 requirements

- Submitting documentation / Application 

- Required sample for testing

- Required factory inspection

Noted: Local representative is required for application.


Product name : Grill portable cooking appliance 便携式烧烤炊具

Type / Series : To be confirm 

Model: To be confirm

Rating : To be confirm

TISI requirement : Mandatory product (control product)

Standard requirement : TIS 1641-2552 : Grill, Toasters and similar portable cooking appliance : Safety requirements

Local representative require : Required for import product

Factory inspection : Required

Testing and LAB : Local lab only (TISI does not accept any other test report)

Lead time : 10-12 weeks (Testing and factory inspection can be worked in parallel) 


Project handling fee : USD per application

Application + Certification fee :  USD per application

Testing fee :  USD per sample                                                                                              

Sample request : 2 units per sample 

Factory inspection fee : Auditor from IB :  USD per factory (factory location in China) 

Noted: Excluding air ticket, food, hotel and transportation

Local representative fee :  USD per application(*optionalif you request)  

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项目手续费:每份申请 xxx美元
申请+认证费:每份申请 xxx美元
检测费:每样 xxx美元
工厂检验费:IB审核员:每家工厂 xxx美元(工厂位于中国)
当地代表费:每份申请 xxx美元(如有要求,可选

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