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SATRA Test Specification M33 (Issue 3) 14 July 2011
Mouthguards for sports 运动护齿设备
2.1 Innocuousness
EN 71-3 Toxicit
2.1 Innocuousness
EN 1186 Food Contact
2.1 Innocuousness
Cost for PAHs
2.2 Ergonomics / dimensions
2.3 Impact performance
2.3 Experimental impacting
2.3 Impact tester set up
2.4 Retention
2.5 Other tests / Breaking strength
2.5 Other tests / Peel strength of lamination
2.5 Other tests /  Water absorbency
2.6 Mouthguard box 
2.7 Marking & user instructions
 Lead time 测试周期: 


Physical Testing – Sampling Requirements

For each model / design of mouthguard the following samples will need to be submitted for assessment:


30 mouthguards are required in total. If mouthguards are available in two different sizes (adult 11 years & older and junior 10 years and under for example) then the 30 samples required for testing must consist of 20 mouthguards of the largest size and 10 mouthguards in the smallest size. 

At least 10 samples (5 guards of each size) must be supplied with the mouthguard box that the guards will be sold with, as testing of the boxes is also required as part of this standard.


All samples must be clearly marked with their size and product reference code / name.


In addition, fitting instructions for each model of guard and any straps, or boiling sticks will also be required to enable us perform all of the fitting and testing clauses in accordance with the standard requirements.


 Sample size 送样规格: 

Innocuousness Testing – Sampling Requirements

15 samples of each colour variant available

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