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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: SAE J 994 - Alarm Backup 倒车蜂鸣器性能试验
Test or certification info 测试和认证相关内容:

Low Temperature Test
‧Test temperature :-40±3°C 
‧Test duration :2 hr
High Temperature Test
‧Test temperature : 85±3°C 
‧Test duration :2 hr
Rain Test
‧The rate of rain deposit :2.5(+1.6/-0) mm/min 
‧Deliver angle from nozzle :45°
‧Test duration :2 hr 
Vibration Test Resonance Search Test
‧Frequency / Displacement :10 ~ 27 Hz / 6.76mm
‧Frequency / Acceleration :27 ~ 500 Hz / 10g
‧Sweep duration :15m
Vibration Test Resonance Dwell Test
‧Vibration frequency :Resonance frequency 
‧Acceleration :10g
‧Test direction :X axis、Y axis & Z axis 
‧Test duration :30 min/axis
Vibration Test Vibration Cycling Test 
Vibration Test Vibration Cycling Test 
‧Frequency :27 ~ 500 Hz 
‧Acceleration :10 g
‧Sweep duration :15 min 
‧Test duration :3 hr
‧Test direction :X、Y、Z axis 
‧Operate time :Last 15 min
Corrosion Test  
‧Type of solution to be sprayed :NaCl
‧Salt solution concentration :5±1%\
‧pH value of solution :pH 6.5 ~ 7.2 
‧Temperature in chamber :35(+1.1/-1.7)°C 
‧The rate of salt deposit :1~2 ml/hr/80cm2 
‧Test duration :50 hr (24hr exposure and 1hr dry, 2 cycles)
High Pressure Hot Water Test
‧Water temperature :85 °C
‧Water pressure :Above 6.9 Mpa 
‧Water flow rate :Above 18.9 L/min 
‧Nozzle angle :15°
‧Spray distance :Below 300 mm
‧Test period :Spray 10sec(MIN) in each 30sec(MAX) 
Dust Test
‧Type of dust :Arizona dust 
‧Dust quantity :4.5 kg/m3 
‧Stirring time :2 sec 
‧Suspending time :15 min 
‧Testing duration :5 hr
Endurance Test at Low Temperature 
‧Test temperatur :-40 °C±3°C
‧Test duration :4 hr
‧Operating time :30 sec On / 30 sec Of
Endurance Test at High Temperature
‧Test temperature :85 °C±3°C
‧Test duration :4 hr
‧Operating time :30 sec on & 30 sec off
Endurance Test at Room Temperature
‧Tes temperature :25 °C±11°C
‧Test duration :100 hr
‧Operating time :30 sec on & 30 sec off 

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