SAE是美国机动车工程师学会(Society of Automotive Engineers)的英文缩写,创立于1905年,是国际上最大的汽车工程学术组织。主要涉及的研究领域有轿车、载重车及工程车、飞机、发动机、材料、制造技术等。SAE所制定的标准具有权威性,广泛地为汽车行业及其他行业所采用,并有相当一部分被美国国家标准采用。
SAE is short for Society of Automotive Engineers, was founded in 1905, which is one of the world’ s largest Automotive engineering international academic organization. Major research field include car, track, aircraft, engine, materials manufacturing technology and so on. The SAE standards is widely used by automotive industry and other industries, and there are a quite apart of standards adopted by national standards.
The laboratory with SAE standard test ability and equipment can undertake the SAE standard product testing, and issue the test report.SAE certification is not mandatory, the applicant take full responsibility for certification results.The locomotives and spare parts with a passed SAE test report had very high recognition in the United States and other countries and regions.  
Sample Certificate 证书样本:
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