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Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems   固定式导轨传输系统
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Test Clause Requirement
Chapter 5 Stations/车站
Construction 主要关于车站结构及构件的要求,主要为耐火要求。如包括门、通道、防火分区、通风、布线等要求
Cable 燃烧测试:UL 1581 section 1160CAS C22.2 No.0.3UL 1865NPFA 262其中一个标准。
烟密度:ASTM E662
Seating Furniture ASTM E 1537
Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish ASTM E 84/NFPA 255  OR
NFPA 286
Interior Floor Finish ASTM E 648
Rubbish Containers Non-combustiom
Chapter 8 Vehicles/车厢内饰
Cushioning (used in seat cushions, mattresses, mattress pads, armrest, crash pads, and grab rail ASTM D3675
padding) 软体填充材料类 ASTM E662
Fabrics 14 CFR 25, Appendix F, Part I (vertical test)
Elastomers (Window gaskets, door nosings, intercar diaphragms, seat cushion suspension diaphragms, and roof mats)塑料类弹性体 ASTM C1166
Wire and cable 同上
For use as fire alarm and smoke alarm system, suitable circuit integrity is required.
Seat and mattress frames, wall and ceiling lining and panels, seat and toilet shrouds, toilet seats, trays and other tables, partitions, ASTM E162 and ASTM E662
shelves, opaque windscreens, combustible
signage, end caps, roof housings, articulation bellows, exterior shells,
nonmetallic skirts, and component boxes
and coversa,
Thermal and acoustical insulation, 隔热吸音板
HVAC ducting, 暖通管道
Light diffusers, windows and transparent plastic windscreens
Floor covering, 地面覆盖材料 ASTM E648 and ASTM E662
Other vehicle components(其它列车部件)  
Turnaround time: normal (9-12 working days)
所需时间 :标准(9-12 个工作天)

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