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Test item 测试名称: Railway Rolling Stock Fire Behavior Choice of Material 法国轨道交通车辆材料阻燃防火
Test info 测试内容:          
1)Reaction to fire 火反映分级 M0-M4 
NF P 92-503  
8pcs of 600mm x 180mm x end-use thickness ( not exceed 5mm )
NF P 92-501
8 pcs of 300mm x 400mm x end-use thickness ( not exceed 120mm )
NF P 92-505
8 pcs of 70mm x 70mm x end-use thickness
NF P 92-504 (有待粘合面的特殊情况)
For rigid materials刚性材料: 8 pcs of 400mm x 35mm x end-use thickness ( not exceed 120mm )
For flexible materials 柔性材料: 8 pcs of 460mm x 230mm x end-use thickness ( not exceed 120mm). 如果存在方向性,横纵向各4PCS上述尺寸
1)For all rigid materials, and flexible materials which thickness more than 5mm, Select NF P 92-501, 对于厚度大于5mm的软质材料和所有的硬质材料,选择NF P92-501进行送样和测试。
2)For flexible materials which thickness no more than 5mm, Select NF P 92-503。对于厚度不超过5mm的软质材料,选择NF P92-503 进行送样和测试
2)Small parts 小尺寸物品特殊情况I0-I4 
NF T51-071 ( replace by ISO 4589-2 ) or NF G07-128 
For plastic: 15pcs of 150mm x 10mm x Thickness deviate less ±10% .
For textile: 15pcs of 150mm x 70mm x end-use thickness
NF C20-455 ( replace by IEC 60695-2-10 )
4 pcs finished product
NF C32-070 
Sample size: 5m
4)Smoke 烟毒指数分级 F0-F5   
烟的蔽光性NF X10-702 
Sample size: 20pcs of 75mm x 75mm x end-use thickness less than 25mm
烟雾毒性NF X70-100 
Sample size: 10pcs finished product or 500g
Lead time 测试周期:Regular 常规 10 working days
Others 其他信息:
Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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