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Test Name 测试名称NBR 13793 奶瓶的安全性检测(Safety of feeding bottles

Test content 测试内容:

NBR 13793, Safety Of Feeding Bottles 婴儿饮具安全性
NBR 13793 physical物理部分
NBR 13973 Migration for bottle and nipple 迁移测试
NBR 13973 Peroxide contnet for silicon 过氧化物
NBR 13973 N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosatables substances for silicon 亚硝酸胺
NBR 13973 Toxic elements for all materials 重金属
Sample Size 送样规格: 100pcs
Lead Time 周期: Regular Service 常规周期 10 working day

Picture for Reference 参考图片:
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