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ISO 7886-4 Sterile hypodermic syringes for single use - Part 4: Syringes with re-use prevention feature

一次性无菌注射器 第4部分: 防止重复使用注射器

Test info测试内容:

Clause / Test Requirement

5.1 General总则

5.2 acidity and alkalinity 酸碱度

5.3 Limits for extractable metals 可萃取金属含量

6 Limits for extractable metals 润滑剂

7 Tolerance on graduated capacity 刻度容量允差

8 Scale 刻度标尺(四个部分验证)

9 Barrel 外套

10.1 Design 设计(柱塞设计)

10.2 Fit of the piston in the barrel 操作芯杆所需的力/滑动性能

10.3 Fiducial line 基准线

11 Syringe nozzle/needle 注射器锥头/

12.1 Dead space 残留容量

12.2 Freedom from air and liquid leakage 漏液漏气/器身密合性

12.3 Re-use prevention feature 防重复使用特性

12.4 Performance after shipping 运输性能

Sample Size: 120 pieces样本量:120

Turnaround Time: 17working days  周转时间:17个工作天

note: exclude the material characteristic:不含材料特性



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