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ISO 7176 -16 轮椅.16部分:软垫部分耐燃性.要求和试验方法Resistance to ignition of upholstered parts - requirements and test methods


Test Requirement


at least 20 h最少20小时

Sample required:样品要求:
Cover Fabric or interliner: Two piece cover and interliner(if appropriate) respectively in the size of 650X800mm.①封面织物或铁路联运:两件封面和铁路联运(如果合适的话)分别在650 x800mm的大小。
 Filling: Two pieces of filling with 450X300X75mm thick and two pieces of filling with 450X150X75mm thick.
If the wheelchairs consist of a foam material with or without an integral skin, 2 pieces of filling with 450X300X75mm and 2 pieces of filling with 450X150X75mm, detalis see right figure②如果轮椅由泡沫材料有或没有一个完整的皮肤,2块填充450 x300x75mm2块填充450 x150x75mm, detalis看到正确的图

Turnaround time: Regular (10 working days), Express (8 working days).
所需时间: 标准(10 个工作天), 加快(8 个工作天).

ISO 7176-16:2012 Resistance to ignition (match flame equivalent)模拟火柴测试 Wheelchairs-Resistance to ignition of postural support devices 轮椅- 体位支撑部分抗点燃性 7 1)每种体位支撑部位部件两件,尺寸不小于30 mm × 150mm,不大于450 mm × 450mm,; 
)按照产品实际体位支撑部位材料制作模拟样品2件,尺寸宽度150 mm~ 450 mm ,长度150 mm~ 450 mm 95%面积为平面。


Others 其他信息:


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