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ISO 5366 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Tracheostomy tubes and connectors

麻醉和呼吸设备 -  气管切开插管和连接器

Test info测试内容:

Clause / Test Requirement

6.3.1 Connector 连接器

6.3.2 Neck plate 颈板

6.3.3 Inner tube 内管

6.3.4 Cuffs 套囊

6.3.5 Inflating tubes for cuffs 套囊充气管

6.3.6 Cuff inflation indicator 套囊充气指示

6.3.7 Inflating tubes 充气管

6.3.8 Patient end 患者端

6.3.9 Introducer 插管器

6.3.10 Radiopaque 射线不透性

6.3.11 Kink resistance 抗扭结

Lead time测试周期15个工作日

Sample size送样规格: 完整样品30套

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