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ISO 10282, Single-use sterile rubber surgical gloves 一次性无菌手套
Clause Test Requirement
3 Classification
4 Materials(ISO 10993)
5 Sampling and selection of test pieces
6.1 Dimensions
6.2 Watertightness
6.3 Tensile properties
6.3.2 Force at break and elongation at break before accelerated ageing
6.3.3 Force at break and elongation at break after accelerated ageing
6.3.4 Force required to produce 300% elongation
6.4 Sterility
7 Packaging
8 Marking
Sample required:
300 pieces of gloves
样品要求: 300个手套
Turnaround time:
Regular (12 working days), Express (8 working days).
所需时间 :标准(12 个工作天), 加快(8 个工作天).
Sample for reference 参考图片:
Responsive image
Sample Report 报告样本:
Responsive imageResponsive imageResponsive image