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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: ISO11359, Thermo Mechanical analysis (TMA) 热机械分析
Test or certification info 测试和认证相关内容:

ISO 11359-1, Plastics 塑料
General principles 一般原则

ISO 11359-2, Plastics 塑料 
Determination of coefficient of linear thermal expansion and glass transition temperature

Refer products 涉及产品:  非金属, 高分子, 塑料,玻璃
Lead time 周期:  常规服务 regular service 25 工作日 working days ( URGENT service, to be confirm, 加急服务待定 )
Sample size 送样规格:  

(3) coupons 12.7mm x 12.7mm x 3mm thick 
Please specify temperature range and direction of measurement 
Photo for reference 涉及图片:

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Sample report 样本报告: