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ISO 29.060

Electrical wires and cables

ISO 29.060.01

Electrical wires and cables in general

ISO 29.060.10


ISO 29.060.20


ISO 29.080


ISO 29.080.10


ISO 29.080.20


ISO 29.080.30

Insulation systems

ISO 29.120

Electrical accessories

ISO 29.120.01

Electrical accessories in general

ISO 29.120.10

Conduits for electrical purposes

ISO 29.120.20

Connecting devices

ISO 29.120.30

Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers

ISO 29.120.40


ISO 29.120.50

Fuses and other overcurrent protection devices

ISO 29.120.70


ISO 29.120.99

Other electrical accessories

ISO 29.130

 Switchgear and controlgear

ISO 29.130.01

Switchgear and controlgear in general

ISO 29.130.10

High voltage switchgear and controlgear

ISO 29.130.20

Low voltage switchgear and controlgear

ISO 29.130.99

Other switchgear and controlgear

ISO 29.140

Lamps and related equipment

ISO 29.140.01

Lamps in general

ISO 29.140.10

Lamp caps and holders

ISO 29.140.20

Incandescent lamps

ISO 29.140.30

Fluorescent lamps. Discharge lamps

ISO 29.140.40


ISO 29.140.50

Lighting installation systems

ISO 29.140.99

Other standards related to lamps

ISO 29.160

Rotating machinery

ISO 29.160.01

Rotating machinery in general

ISO 29.160.10

Components for rotating machines

ISO 29.160.20


ISO 29.160.30


ISO 29.160.40

Generating sets

ISO 29.160.99

Other standards related to rotating machinery

ISO 29.180

Transformers. Reactors

ISO 29.220

Galvanic cells and batteries

ISO 29.220.01

Galvanic cells and batteries in general

ISO 29.220.20

Acid secondary cells and batteries

ISO 29.240

Power transmission and distribution networks

ISO 29.240.01

Power transmission and distribution networks in general

ISO 29.240.10

Substations. Surge arresters

ISO 29.240.20

Power transmission and distribution lines

ISO 29.240.30

Control equipment for electric power systems

ISO 29.240.99

Other equipment related to power transmission and distribution networks

ISO 17.220

Electricity. Magnetism. Electrical and magnetic measurements

ISO 17.220.20

Measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities

ISO 91.140

 Installations in buildings

ISO 91.140.50

Electricity supply systems including electric energy meters in buildings,
emergency electrical supplies, etc.

ISO 27.160

Solar energy engineering

ISO 29.020

Electrical engineering in general

ISO 29.035

Insulating Materials

ISO 29.035.20

Plastics and rubber insulating materials

ISO 29.040

Insulating fluids

ISO 29.040.10

 Insulating oils

ISO 65.040

Farm buildings, structures and installations

ISO 65.040.99

Other standards related to farm buildings and installations

ISO 77.150

Products of non-ferrous metals

ISO 77.150.30

Copper products

ISO 83.040

Raw materials for rubber and plastics

ISO 83.040.10

Latex and raw rubber

ISO 83.040.20

Rubber compounding ingredients

ISO 91.120


ISO 91.120.40

Lightning protection

ISO 91.100

Construction Materials

ISO 91.100.30

Concrete and Concrete Products Including Admixtures