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Building Hardware & Related Testing



Butts and hinges


Door controls-closers


Locksets Part 4: Padlocks


Locksets and hardware for doors and windows Part 5: Controlled door closing devices


Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus


Standard Performance Specification for Padlocks

EN 1125

Building hardware  Panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar, for use on escape routes

EN 1154

Building hardware  Controlled door closing devices

EN 1155

Building hardware  Electrically powered hold-open devices for swing doors

EN 1158

Building hardware  Door coordinator devices

EN 12051

Building hardware  Door and window bolt

EN 12209

Building hardware  Mechanically operated locks and locking plates

EN 12320

Building hardware  Padlocks and padlock fittings

EN 1303

Building hardware  Cylinders for locks

EN 13126-15

Building hardware - Requirements and test methods for windows and doors height windows – Part 15 Rollers for horizontal sliding and sliding folding windows and doors

EN 14846

Building hardware  Locks and latches  Electromechanically operated locks and striking plates

EN 1527

Building hardware – Hardware for sliding doors and folding doors – Requirements and test methods

EN 15684

Building hardware - Mechatronic cylinders - Requirements and test methods

EN 1670

Building hardware - Corrosion resistance - Requirements and test methods

EN 16867

Building hardware - Mechatronic door furniture - Requirements and test methods

EN 179

Building hardware  Emergency exit devices operated by a lever handle or push pad, for use on escape routes

EN 1906

Building Hardware  Lever handles and knob furniture

EN 1935

Building Hardware-Single-axis hinges-Requirements and test methods

Fire Testing

AS 1530.4

Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures Part 4: Fire-resistance tests for elements of construction

AS 1530.7

Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures Part 7: Smoke control assemblies—Ambient and medium temperature leakage test procedure

AS 1530.8.1 / 8.2

Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures Part 8.1: Tests on elements of construction for buildings exposed to simulated bushfire attack - Radiant heat and small flaming sources / part 8.2: test on elements exposed to simulated bushfire attack  large flaming sources (except decks and sub-floor spaces)

AS 1905.1

Components for the protection of openings in fire resistant walls - fire-resistant doorsets


Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials

BS 476-20/21/22

Fire tests on building materials and structures – Part 20: method for determination of the fire resistance of elements of construction (general principles) / Part 21: method for determination of the fire resistance of loadbearing elements of construction / Part 22: method for determination of the fire resistance of nonloadbearing elements of construction

BS 476-31.1

Fire tests on building materials and structures — Part 31: Methods for measuring smoke penetration through doorsets and shutter assemblies — Section 31.1 Method of measurement under ambient temperature conditions

BS 8524-1

Active fire curtain barrier assemblies  Part 1: Specification


Standard methods of fire endurance tests of building construction and materials


Standard Method For Fire Tests Of Door Assemblies

EN 13501-1/2

Fire classification of construction products and building elements — Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests / part 2: classification using data from fire resistance tests, excluding ventilation services

EN 1363-1/2

Fire resistance tests  Part 1: general requirements / Part 2: alternative and additional procedures

EN 1364-1/2/3/4

Fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements - Part 1: Walls / Part 2: Ceilings / Part 3: Curtain walling - Full configuration (complete assembly) / Part 4: Curtain walling - Part configuration

EN 1365-1/2

Fire resistance tests for loadbearing elements Part 1: Walls / Part 2: Floors and roofs

EN 13823

Reaction to fire tests for building products — Building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item

EN 1634-1/2/3

Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and elements of building hardware  Part 1: fire resistance test for door and shutter assemblies and openable windows / Part 2: Fire resistance characterization test for elements of building hardware / Part 3: Smoke control test for door and shutter assemblies.

GB/T 7633

Fire resistance tests - Door and shutter assemblies

GB/T 12955

Fire resistance door

GB/T 16809

Fire resistance window

ISO 834-1/8

Fire-resistance tests - Elements of building construction - Part 1: General requirement / Part 8: Specific requirements for non-loadbearing vertical separating elements

ISO 1182

Reaction to fire tests for products-Non-combustibility test

ISO 1716

Reaction to fire tests for products  Determination of the gross heat of combustion (calorific value)


ISO 3008-1/2/3

Fire resistance tests — Door and shutter assemblies — Part 1: General requirements / Part 2: Lift landing door assemblies/ Part 3: Door and shutter assemblies horizontally oriented

ISO 3009

Fire-resistance tests - Glazed elements

ISO 5925-1

Fire tests  Smoke-control door and

shutter assemblies  Part 1: Ambient- and medium-temperature leakage tests

ISO 9239-1

Reaction to fire tests for floorings Part 1: Determination of the burning behavior using a radiant heat source

ISO 11925-2

Reaction to fire tests  Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame Part 2: Single-flame source test

MS 1073: Part 2/3

Specification for fire resistant doorsets part 2: methods for determination of the fire resistance - general principles / part 3: methods for determination of the fire resistance - type of doorsets

NFPA 105

Standard for smoke door assemblies and other opening protectives

NFPA 251

Standard methods of tests of fire resistance of building construction and materials

NFPA 252

Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies

NFPA 257

Standard on fire test for window and glass block assemblies

SS 332

Specification for fire doors


Fire and smoke resistant and security doorsets

UL 10 B/10C

Standard for positive pressure fire tests of door assemblies / Fire Tests of Door Assemblies

UL 263

Fire Tests of Building Constriction and Materials

UL 790

Standard test methods for fire tests of roof coverings

UL 1784

Air leakage tests of door assemblies and other opening protectives

Building Glass

ANSI Z97.1

American National Standard for safety glazing materials used in buildings  safety performance specifications and methods of test

AS/NZS 2208

Safety glazing materials in buildings

AS/NZS 4666

Insulating glass units

ASTM E2190

Standard Specification for Insulating Glass Unit Performance and Evaluation

EN 1096-4

Glass in building – Coated glass – Part 4: Evaluation of conformity/Product standard

EN 12150-1/2

Glass in building  Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass– Part 1: Definition and description / Part 2: Evaluation of conformity/Product standard

EN ISO 12543-2/3/4

Glass in building  Laminated glass and laminated safety glass

Parts 2: Laminated safety glass / Parts 3: Laminated glass / Part 4: Test methods for durability

EN 12600

Glass in building  Pendulum test  Impact test method and classification for flat glass

EN 12467

Fibre-cement flat sheets  Product specification and test methods

EN 1279-2

Glass in building - Insulating glass units

EN 1288-3

Glass in building Determination of the bending strength of glass

Part 3: Test with specimen supported at two points (four point bending)

EN 14449

Glass in building — Laminated glass and laminated safety glass — Evaluation of conformity/Product standard

MS 1498

Safety glass in building-specification



Standard test method for laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss of building partitions and elements


Classification for rating sound insulation

EN 300

Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) - Definitions, classification and specifications

EN 312

Particleboards  Specifications

EN 520

Gypsum plasterboards - Definitions, requirements and test methods

EN 622

Fibreboards  Specifications, Part 5: Requirements for dry process boards (MDF)

EN 636

Plywood  Specifications

EN 651

Resilient floor coverings - Polyvinyl chloride floor coverings with foam layer - Specification

EN 652

Resilient floor coverings - Polyvinyl chloride floor coverings with cork-based backing - Specification

EN 13329

Laminate floor coverings — Elements with a surface layer based on aminoplastic thermosetting resins  Specifications, requirements and test methods

EN 13950

Gypsum board thermal/acoustic insulation composite panels - Definitions, requirements and test methods

EN 13986

Wood-based panels for use in construction— Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking

EN 14041

Resilient, textile, laminate and modular multilayer floor coverings - Essential characteristics

EN 14342

Wood flooring and parquet - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking

EN 14877

Synthetic surfaces for outdoor sports areas - Specification

EN 14904

Surfaces for sports areas — Indoor surfaces for multi-sports use  Specification

EN 15283-2

Gypsum boards with fibrous reinforcement - Definitions, requirements and test methods - Part 2: Gypsum fibre boards

EN 15534-1/4/5/6

Composites made from cellulose-based materials and thermoplastics (usually called wood-polymer composites (WPC) or natural fibre composites (NFC))

Part 1: Test methods for characterisation of compounds and products / Part 4: Specifications for decking profiles and tiles / Part 5: Specifications for cladding profiles and tiles / Part 6: Specifications for fencing profiles and elements

EN ISO 10581

Resilient floor coverings - Homogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor covering - Specifications

EN ISO 10582

Resilient floor coverings - Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings - Specification

EN ISO 10595

Resilient floor coverings - Semi-flexible/vinyl composition (VCT) poly (vinyl chloride) floor tiles - Specification

ISO 717-1

Acoustics -- rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements -- part 1: airborne sound insulation

ISO 10140-2

Acoustics -- laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements -- part 2: measurement of airborne sound insulation