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Test Description
Flammability Testing - Building Materials
AS 1530.2 sarking materials and drapery
AS/NZS 1530.3  fixed seating, proscenium curtains, insulation, duct work, other materials
AS/NZS 3837 wall and ceiling linings
ISO 5660.1 and .2 wall and ceiling linings, external claddings
AS/ISO 9239.1 flooring linings and coverings
ISO 9239.1 flooring linings and coverings
AS 1366/AS 2122.1 foamed thermosets and thermoplastics
Flammability Testing
T17H Surface Burning
T17B Horizontal Flammability Tests
T17D Flammability Upholstery - Match Flame
T17C Flammability Upholstery - Cigarette
T18A Flammability Index
T45A Flammability - Methenamine Pill Method
T45B Flammability - Hot Metal Nut Test
T17AW Flameproofness Of Materials Test
T17G Flame Spread
T18B Early Fire Hazard
T17F Ease Of Ignition of Vertically Oriented Specimens
T45C Critical Radiant Flux Test
T45G Cone Calorimeter Test
T17E Coated Fabrics Flammability Test
T17A Vertical Flammability Tests On Fabric
Fibre Testing
F20       Fluidity Of Cotton Fibres
F14 Extractable Matter
F12       Ph Of Aqueous Extract
F06       Fibre Length - Almeter
F05       Single Fibre Length
F01C     Wool Fibre Diameter - Airflow - Sliver
Yarn Testing
T03B     Yarn Breaking Force
T02A     Twist Singles
F14      Extractable Matter
T02B    Ply Twist, Double Twist
F12       Ph Of Aqueous Extract
T01A     Linear Density
Fabric Testing
T13A Yarn Slippage - Standard Seam
T08B Width - Fabric
T29C Water Repellency - Spray Rating
T29B Water Penetration - Hydrostatic Head
T21 Wales And Courses Per Unit Length
T09 Threads Per Unit Length
T15C Tearing Resistance - Tongue Method
T15L Tearing Resistance - Leather
T15A Tearing - Wing Rip
T15D Tearing - Trapezoidal
T15B Tearing - Single Rip
T13B Seam Strength - Manufactured Seam
T13C Seam Slippage Resistance
T20H Pile Fabric - Pile Removal
T20G Pile Fabric - Abrasion
T08A Mass Per Unit Area
T24A Machine Washability (Top Loading)
T24 Machine Washability (Cubex Method)
T24AW Machine Washability - Wascator
T07C Fabric Pilling - Random Tumble Method
T07B Fabric Pilling - Matindale Method
T50 Colourfastness To Water
T36 Colourfastness To Washing
T54 Colourfastness To Seawater
T52B Colourfastness To Rubbing - Carpets
T51A/B Colourfastness To Perspiration
T35A1 Colourfastness To Light - Xenon Arc General
T35C Colourfastness To Light - Weathering
T35B Colourfastness To Light - Mbtf
T35D Colourfastness To Light - (Daylight)
T53 Colourfastness To Drycleaning
T55 Colourfastness To Chlorinated Swimming Pool Water
T14 Bursting Pressure - Mullen
T14B Bursting Force - Ball Burst
T11A Breaking Force - Ravel Or Cut Strip Method
T11B Breaking Force - Grab Method
T20F Abrasion Resistance - Taber Method
T20C Abrasion Resistance - Flat - Stoll
T20A Abrasion - Martindale
T20D Abrasion - Frosting - Stoll
T20B Flex Abrasion Resistance
T20E Abrasion Accelerator
T07A Fabric Pilling - ICI Pilling Box Method
Carpet Testing
T57 / M Wira Carpet Abrasion
T81M Underlay - Work Of Compression
T68 Twist Set Retention
T40A Tufts Per Unit Area - Tufted And Woven Carpets
T34 Tuft Withdrawal Force - Carpets
T40E Tuft And - Or Loop Length
T33A Total Thickness - Carpets
T42C Total Pile Mass Estimated
T42A Total Pile Mass Dissection Method
T42D Total Pile Mass Chemical Method
T42B Total Pile Mass 100 Tuft Method
T68B Texture Change Of Textile Floor Coverings Due To Hot Water Spillage
T32 Surface Pile Mass Above Substrate
T62A Static Loading - Short Term (As Method)
T62B/BG Static Loading - Long Term (As Method)
T58 Bond Strength - Between Backing Components Of A Textile Floor Covering
T45A Flammability - Methenamine Pill Method
T37 Resistance To Insect Pest
T40D Pile Yarn Linear Density
T44D Hexapod Fatigue Test
T41 Fibre Analysis Of Pile
T31 Extractable Matter - Pile Yarn
T39 Electrostatic Propensity Of Carpets
T39B/C Electrical Bulk Resistance
T44A Dynamic Loading
T59A Dimensional Stability - To Mechanical Forces
T59B Dimensional Stability - Ambient Humidity
T43 Compression And Recovery
T56 Colourfastness To Shampoo Solution - Carpets
T52B Colourfastness To Rubbing - Carpets
T35A2 Colourfastness To Light - Xenon Arc – Carpets
T53 Colourfastness To Drycleaning
T45B Flammability - Hot Metal Nut Test
T30 Wool Fibre Diameter