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EN 1463 Retro-reflecting Road Studs反射道钉

EN 12899 Traffic Control Equipment. Signal Heads固定直立交通标牌及路障

EN 12966 Road Vertical Signs. Variable Message Traffic Signs 可变交通标牌

EN 12368 Warning and Safety Light Devices道路控制设备:交通灯

EN 12352 Fixed, Vertical Road Traffic Signs道路控制设备:警示灯

EN 14388 Road Traffic Noise Reducing Devices 道路降噪设备:隔音屏

EN 12101 Smoke and heat control system 排烟排热通风系统

EN 54 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems 火灾探测和防火报警系统

EN 12094 Fixed fire fighting systems - Components for gas extinguishing systems series

EN 12259 Fixed firefighting systems - Components for sprinkler and water spray systems serie 固定式消防系统喷洒喷淋系统组件系列标准

EN 14604 Smoke alarm devices 烟雾报警器

EN 15650 Fire hydrants 防火阀

EN 671 hose systems-kits 消防管


EN 1363-1  Fire resistance, general requirements
EN 1363-2 Fire resistance, alternative and additional procedures
EN 1364-1  Non-load bearing walls
EN 1364-2 False ceilings
EN 1364-3-4 Curtain walling
EN 1364-5  Air transfer grilles
EN 1365-1 Load bearing walls
EN 1365-2 Floors and roofs
EN 1365-3 Beams
EN 1365-4 Pillars
EN 1365-5 Balconies and walkways
EN 1365-6 Stairs
BS 476-20 Fire tests on building materials and structures
BS 476-21 Fire resistance of loadbearing elements of construction
BS 476-22 Fire resistance of non-loadbearing elements of construction
ASTM E119-15 Building construction and materials
NFPA 251 Building constructions and materials, fire resistance
UL 263 Building constructions and materials, fire resistance
EN 1366-1 Ducts
EN 1366-2 Fire dampers
EN 1366-3 Penetration seals
EN 1366-4 Linear joint seals
EN 1366-5 Service ducts and shafts
EN 1366-6 Raised access and hollow core floors
EN 1366-7 Conveyor systems and their closures
EN 1366-8 Smoke extraction ducts
EN 1366-9 Single compartment smoke extraction ducts
EN 1366-10 Smoke dampers
EN 1366-11 Fire protective systems for cable 
systems and associated components
EN 1366-12 Non-mechanical fire barrier for ventilation ductwork
EN 1366-13  Chimneys
EN 81-58 Lift doors
EN 14470-1 Safety cabinets for flammable liquids
EN 12101-1 Smoke Barriers
EN 12101-2 Natural smoke & heat exhaust ventilators
EN 12101-3 Smoke and heat control systems
EN 12101-7  Smoke duct sections
EN 12101-8 Smoke control dampers
ASTM E2816-18 Dire resistive metallic HVAC duct systems
EN 1634-1 Doors, gap closing elements, and openable windows
EN 1634-3 Smoke control test for door and shutters
BS 476-24 Fire resistance of ventilation ducts
ASTM E814-13a  Fire resistance. Penetration seals
UL 9 Window assemblies, fire resistance
UL 10B  Fire tests to door assemblies
UL 10C  Door assemblies: positive pressure fire tests
UL 10D Fire protective curtains
UL 155 Vault and file room doors
UL 555  Fire dampers walkways
NFPA 252 Door assemblies
UL 1479 Through-penetration firestops
NFPA 105  Smoke door assemblies and other opening protectives
EN 15650  Ventilation for buildings - Fire dampers
EN 16034: Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, 
garage doors and openable windows - Product 
standard,performance characteristics - Fire resisting
 and/or smoke control characteristics
EN 13381-1 Horizontal protective membranes
EN 13381-2  Vertical protective membranes
EN 13381-3 Protection of concrete
EN 13381-4  Protection of steel structures
EN 13381-5 Concrete/profiled sheet composite
EN 13381-6 Concrete filled hollow steel columns
prEN 13381-7 Protection of wood structures
EN 13381-8 Protection of steel structure
EN 13381-9 Protection systems to steel beams with web opening
prEN 13381-10 Protection to solid steel bar in tension
EN 14135 Coverings. Determination of fire protection ability
ISO 22899-1 Resistance to jet fires of passive 
fire protection materials and systems
ISO 22899-2 Determination of the resistance to jet 
fires of passive fire protection
BS 476-23 Contribution of components to the fire 
resistance of a structure
UL 1709 Protection Materials for Structural Steel
EN 15659  Secure storage units. Classification and test methods
ASTM E 2226-15b Hose stream
UL 1709 Heating curve
UL 1724  Electrical circuit protective system
UL 1784  Door Assemblies: Leakage
UL 2196 Resistive cables
IMO 2010 FTP code
NFPA 415 Airport terminal buildings, 
fuelling ramp drainage, and loading walkways
ISO 20902-1 Divisional elements used in oil, 
gas and petrochemical industries