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Test item测试名称:

GB/T 1962.1 Conical fittings with a 6% (Luer) taper for syringes, needles and certain other medical equipment

GB/T 1962.1 注射器、注射针及其他医疗器械6%(鲁尔)圆锥接头

Test info测试内容:

10.1 Dimensions 尺寸
10.2 Leakage liquid 漏液
10.3 Air Leakage 漏气
10.4 Separating force 分离力
10.5 Sulfide Stress Cracking 应力开裂

Lead time测试周期: 10-12个工作日

Sample size送样规格: 完整样品30套

Sample for reference参考图片:

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Sample report样本报告: