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Test item 测试名称:  
 Flammability of solid non-metallic meterials when exposed to flame sources-List of test methods
 Test info 测试内容: 
Test Clause Requirement
Conditioning 23±2℃,50±5%,at least 48h
sample requirements
50 W HB (IEC 60695-11-101999
12 pcs125×13×thickness<13mm
50 W V (IEC 60695-11-101999
22 pcs125×13×thickness<13mm
500W5V) (IEC 60695-11-201999
条形试样:125×13×thickness<=13mm 22pcs
板型试样:150×150×thickness<=13mm 14pcs
VTM (ISO 9773:1990)
12 pieces 200± 5X50± 1mm
 FH-1 (ISSO 9772:1994)
板型试样:150×150×thickness<=13mm 14pcs
Turnaround time: normal (12 working days)
所需时间: 标准(12 个工作天)


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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