GB 29281 游戏围栏及类似用途童床的安全要求(safety requirements for playpens and similar cribs)
Clause Test Requirement
4.1 材料(Materials)
4.1.1 材料清洁性
4.1.2 木材无腐朽和虫蛀
4.1.3 金属防腐蚀处理
4.1.4 可触及范围内的材料和表面涂层
4.1.5 纺织品材料要求
4.1.6 纺织品易燃性能
4.1.7 甲醛释放量
4.2 结构 (Construction)
4.2.1 孔,开口和间隙 (holes, gaps and openings)
4.2.2 边缘、点、角 (sharp points and edges)
4.2.3 移动部件(moving parts) 一般要求 (general requirement) 围栏及类似用童床展开和折叠时的剪切和挤压点 (Shear and squeeze points when setting up and folding) 驱动机构引起的剪切和挤压点(Shear and squeeze points under the influence of powered mechanisms) 由儿童体重引起的剪切和挤压点(Shear and squeeze points during use) 折叠锁定机构(locking system for folding cots) 其他锁定机构 (all other locking systems) 侧板侧翻装置 (locking system for movable sides)
4.2.4 围栏和类似用途童床填充材料(filling material)
4.2.5 脚轮或滚轮 (castors or wheels)
4.2.6 连接螺钉 (connceting screws)
4.2.7 由突出物引起的障碍 (snag point)
4.2.8 床铺面 (matteress support)
4.2.9 侧板 (side slat)
4.2.10 稳定性(stability)
4.2.11 尺寸 (dimension)
4.2.12 小零件(small part)
4.3 包装(plastic package)
4.4 标识和使用说明(Instruction for use)
1. All materials and coatings in access zone need to be conducted Toxicity test. 
2.The standard is applicabble to playpen and similar cribs for a child with a body weight up to 15 kg. It's not applicable to cradle and hammrock.
Turnaround time: normal (7~9 working days)
所需时间: 标准(7~9个工作天)
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