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EN ISO 20698 Catheter systems for neuraxial application - Sterile and single-use catheters and accessories

神经轴类应用导管系统 - 一次性无菌导管和附件

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Clause / Test Requirement

7.2.1 General 总则

7.2.2 Radiopacity 射线不透性

7.2.3 Magnetic resonance compatibility 磁共振兼容性

7.2.4 Corrosion resistance 耐腐蚀性

7.2.5 Flow rate 流量

7.2.6 Freedom from leakage (design) 无泄漏

7.2.7 Peak tensile force 峰值拉力

7.2.8 Catheter kinking test 导管扭结

7.2.9 Surface 表面

Lead time测试周期15个工作日

Sample size送样规格: 完整样品40套

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