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Test item 测试名称: 高温或火焰防护服 Clothing to protect against heat and flame speed
Test info 测试内容:
Test Items Method Pretreatment Comments
6.2.1, Heat Resistance  180 degrees ISO 17493 Test after pre-treatment  
6.2.2, Heat Resistance  260 degrees ISO 17493 Additioanl test for material shall be when next to the skin.
6.3.2, Limited Flame Spread ISO15025 A Test before and after pre-treatment  
6.3.3, Limited Flame Spread ISO15025 B Test before and after pre-treatment  
6.4, Dimensional Stability ISO 5077 Measured after pre-treat  
6.5.1, Tensile Strength ISO13934-1 Test after pre-treatment Test outer fabric
6.5.2, Tear strength EN ISO 13937-2, ISO 3377-1 Test after pre-treatment Test outer fabric
6.5.3, Bursting Strength ISO13938-1 Test after pre-treatment Test outer fabric
6.5.4, Seam Strength ISO13935-2 Test after pre-treatment Test outer fabric seam
6.6, Water penetration Code letter W EN 343 Test after pre-treatment Optional test
6.7, Ergonomics Appendix D Test after pre-treatment Not applicable if just testing fabric
6.8, Fat conent of leather  ISO 4048* Test as received Test leather
6.9.2, pH value ISO 3071/ISO 4045 Test as received  
6.9.3, Cr VI ISO 17075 Test as received Test leather
7.2, Convective HeatCode letter B ISO 9151 Test after pre-treatment  
7.3, Radiant HeatCode letter C ISO6942 B Test after pre-treatment  
7.4, Molten Aluminium SplashCode letter D ISO 9185 Test after pre-treatment  
7.5, Molten Iron SplashCode letter E ISO 9150 Test after pre-treatment  
7.6, Contact HeatCode letter F ISO 12127 Test after pre-treatment  
Lead Time 测试周期:常规 16 working days for regular service
Sample size 送样规格:
1) Test for materials: 6 pcs of 210mmX 170mm in each direction or 2 square meter
2) Test for Garment: 2~3 pieces final products
Note: Materials, assemblies or protective clothing shall be tested before and after pre-treatment, if the manufacture"s instructions indicate that cleaning is allowed. If no specified cleaning cycles, Need Extra Fee for 5 cleaning cycles.
Others 其他信息:
1. Replaces EN 531

Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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