Test item 测试名称: WC Pan And WC Siutes With Integral Trap 坐便器本体以及带有整体存水湾的坐便器全套
Test info 测试内容: 
Clause  Test Requirement
5 Functional requirements and test methods for class 1 products 等级1产品的功能要求以及测试方法
5.1 Depth of water seal 水封深度
5.2 Flushing requirements 冲洗要求
5.2.2 Wash of bowl 洗净面的冲洗性能
5.2.3 Flushing of toilet paper 卫生纸的冲洗性能
5.2.4 Flushing of fifty small plastic balls 50个小塑料球的冲洗性能
5.2.5 Over-splashing 溅水检查
5.2.6 After-flush volume 冲后回复体积
5.3 Water absorption 吸水率
5.4 Static load 静态负载试验
5.5 Leak tightness 密封性测试
5.6 Valve reliability 阀门的可靠性 (category ) (50000 cycles)
  Valve reliability 阀门的可靠性 (category ) (200000 cycles)
6 Functional requirements and test methods for class 2 products 等级2产品的功能要求以及测试方法
6.1 Inlet value 进水阀门
6.2 Backflow prevention 防逆流性
6.3 Marking of flushing cistern 冲水箱的标志
6.4 Warning pipe and overflow provision 警示管以及溢流防备
6.5 Flush volume and water trap seal tests 冲洗体积及存水湾水封测试
6.6 Flush rate 冲洗速度
6.7 Physical endurance and leakage of flushing device (valve reliability and water/leak tightness) 冲洗装置的物理耐久性以及密封性(阀门的可靠性以及水的密封性)
6.8 Chemical endurance of flushing device 冲洗装置的化学耐久性
6.9 Solids discharge and after-flush volume for maximum flush 最大冲洗量的固体介质流出以及冲洗后的体积
6.1 Paper discharge for reduced-flush volume 少冲洗量的卫生纸流出
6.11 Liquid contaminant dye retention 液体污染物颜色的保持性
6.12 Wash of bowl 洗净面的冲洗性能
6.13 Depth of water seal 水封深度
6.14 Static load 静态负载试验
6.15 Water absorption 吸水率
Additional Dimension requirement 尺寸测试
Sampling requirement: 2 sets of completed samples with assembly instruction (if applicable) & 3 pcs of approximately 127mm(L)*127mm(W)*1~16mm(T) unglazed fragment material                      
Turnaround time: normal (Class 1: 40~65 working days);
所需时间:标准(Class 1:40~65个工作日)
Note: Class 1: WC pans and suites designed for use with and tested using a nominal flush volume of either 4l, 5l, 6l or 9l
Class 2: WC suites designed for use with a pressure flushing valve or a flushing cistern incorporating some other flushing device, and tested as descried in clause 6, using a maximum flushing volume of 6l, or a dual-flush combining a maximum flush of 6l and a reduced flush no greater than two-thirds of the maximum flush volume.                                                               

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