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EN 635-3, 夹板表观分级第三部分:软木
Plywood - Classfication by surface appearance - Part 3: Softwood
Clause Test Requirement
3.2.1 Classification according to characteristics inherent in wood 根据木材固有的特性进行分级 Pin knots 针节 Sound intergrown knots 光滑的活节 Unsound or non-adhering knots and knots holes 非光滑或非粘合的节以及节洞 Splits 裂缝 Abnormalities due insects, marine borers and parasitic plants 由昆虫,凿船虫以及寄生物引起的木材异常 Resin pockets and inbark  树脂袋及内皮                                                           Resin streak 树脂条痕 Irregularities in the structure of the wood 木材结构的不规则 Discoloration which is not wood destroying 非木材损坏引起的变色 Fungal decay, which is wood destroying 木材损坏引起的真菌腐烂 Other characteristics 另外的特性
3.2.2 Classification according to manufacturing defects 根据制造缺陷进行分级 Open joints 开口接合 Overlaps 重叠 Blisters 水泡 Hollows, imprints and bumps 凹痕,烙印及撞痕 Roughness 粗糙度 Sanding through 砂纸打磨痕 Glue penetration 胶水渗透 Foreign particles 杂志粒子 Repairs 修理 Defects at the edges of the panel due to sanding or sawing 由于打磨或锯切引起的木板边缘缺陷 Other defects 另外的缺陷
Sampling requirement: 7 pcs  
Turnaround time: normal (9 working days)

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