EN 521, 液化石油气装置的规范.便携式蒸气压液化石油气燃气具
Specifications for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances- Portable vapour pressure liquefied petroleum gas appliances
Clause Test Requirement
5 Safety requirements 安全要求
5.1 General 总则
5.2 Conversion to different gases 气体转换
5.3 Materials 材料
5.4 Assembly, cleaning and maintenance 安装,清洁和维护
5.5 Strength and stability 强度和稳定性
5.6 Soundness of the gas cirucit assembly 气密
5.7 Connections 连接接头
5.8 Transport, fixing and mobility devices 固定和移动装置
5.9 Taps 阀体
5.1 Control handles 旋钮
5.11 Injectors 引射器
5.12 Ignition devices 点火装置
5.13 Flame supervision devices 熄火保护装置
5.14 Burners and radiant elements 炉头和辐射装置
5.15 Grids 烤网
5.16 Turnspit 旋转烤架
5.17 Fireguards for heating appliances 取暖器的防火罩
5.18 Locations and compartments for refillable gas containers 可充气瓶的固定及固定空间
5.19 Verification of the heat inputs 负荷
5.2 Resistance of overheating 炉头回火测试
5.21 Temperature of various parts of the appliance 温升
5.22 Temperature of panels (floors, walls or ceilings) 墙壁温升
5.23 Ignition, crosslighting and flame stability 点传火和火焰稳定性
5.24 Resistance to draught 抗风
5.25 Resistance to liquid spillage 盛液盘
5.26 Combustion 烟气
5.27 Accumulation of un-burnt gas 未燃气体汇集
5.28 Safety at high temperature 高温安全
5.29 Sooting - condensation 积碳
5.3 Rational use of energy 效率
7 Marking 标贴
Annex B Tests on needle valves 针阀测试
B.1 Resistance to temperature 抗温
B.2 Endurance 耐久
Sample required 
4pcs, 4个测试样板。
Turnaround time:
Regular 28 working days, 10 working days for certificate
一般情形下,此种产品的阀体是没有CE认证的,都需要按照Annex B进行随机测试。认证需要对阀随机测试,另外需要的样板8套,橡胶圈10块。
认证需要资料 *1) 阀体的CE证书(if existed, 但是基本上没有,需要随机测试
点火器的CSA证书 (if existed)
申请表所有的包装资料(说明书、标贴、package)/ 生产图纸差异申明/CE符合性申明

Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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