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EN 16654, 儿童保护产品-防门夹手指保护装置
Child protective products. Consumer fitted finger protection devices for doors
Clause Test Requirement
1. Hazard shielding devices
2. Shut preventon devices
2. Shut controlling devices
  Selective price
4.1 General requirements
4.2 Child appeal
4.3 Mechanical function and structural integrity
4.3.1 Hazard shielding devices
4.3.2 Shut prevention devices
4.3. Shut controlling devices
4.4 Effectiveness
4.4.1 General requirements
4.4.2 Accessibility for hazard shielding devices
4.4.3 Deformation of hazard shielding devices
4.4.4 Static strength for shut prevention devices
4.4.5 Dynamic strength for shut controlling devices
4.5 Small parts
4.6 Sharp edges
4.7 Purchase information
4.8 User instructions
4.9 Marking of the product
Sample required:3 sets of completed products with assembly instruction(if applicable)is recommended.
Tumaround time:Regular (9 working days).

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