Test item 测试名称: Personal eye protection 激光防护镜
Norm refer 涉及标准: EN 167, EN 168
Test info 测试内容:
BS EN 166:2002 Personal Eye-Protection Specification
Clause Test Requirement
6 Design and manufacturing requirements
6.1 General Construction
6.2 Materials
6.3 Headbands
7 Requirements
7.1 Basic Requirement
7.1.1 Field of Vision
7.1.2 Optical Requirement Spherical, Astigmatic and Prismatic Refractive Powers Unmounted oculars covering one eye Mounted Oculars and Unmounted Oculars Covering Both Eyes Cover Plates Transmittance Oculars without Filtering Action Oculars with Filtering Action (Filters) and Housings for Oculars with Filtering Action. Variations in Transmittance (Oculars without Filtering Action are Exempt From This Requirement Oculars without Corrective Oculars with Corrective Effect (Prescription Oculars) Diffusion of Light
7.1.3 Quality of Material and Surface
7.1.4 Robustness Minimum Robustness Increased Robustness Unmounted oculars Complete Eye-Protectors and Frames
7.1.5 Resistance to Ageing Stability at Elevated Resistance to Ultraviolet Radiation (Ocular Only)
7.1.6 Resistance to Corrosion
7.1.7 Resistance to Ignition
9 Marking
10 Information for Users  Welding Filters with Switchable Luminous Transmittance
7.2.3  Protection Against Molten Metals and Hot Solids
7.2.4  Protection Against Droplets and Splashes of Liquids
7.2.5  Protection Against Large Dust Particles
7.2.6  Protection Against gases and Fine Dust Particles
7.2.7  Protection Against Short Circuit Electric Arc
7.3.3  Oculars with Enhanced Reflectance in the Infrared  Welding Filters  Ultraviolet Filters  Infrared Filters  Sunglare Filters for Industrial use
7.2.2  Protection Against High-Speed Particles
7.2.8  Lateral Protection
7.3.1  Resistance to Surface Damage by Fine Particles
7.3.2  Resistance to Fogging of Oculars
7.3.4  Protection Against High Speed Particles at Extreme of Temperature

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Lead time 测试周期:  常规 regular service 5 weeks working days
Sample size 送样规格: 40pcs + manual
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