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Test item 测试名称: EU test requirement for e-bike 欧盟电动自行车标准

Test info 测试内容:

EN 15194 电动自行车
This European Standard applies to EPAC for private and commercial use with exception of EPAC intended for hire from unattended station.
This European Standard is intended to cover all common significant hazards, hazardous situations and events (see Clause 4) of electrically power assisted bicycles, when used as intended and under condition of misuse that are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer.
This European Standard is intended to cover electrically power assisted bicycles of a type which have a maximum continuous rated power of 0,25 kW, of which the output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the EPAC reaches a speed of 25 km/h, or sooner, if the cyclist stops pedalling.
This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for engine power management systems, electrical circuits including the charging system for the assessment of the design and assembly of electrically power assisted bicycles and sub-assemblies for systems having a rated voltage up to and including 48 V d.c. or integrated battery charger with a 230 V a.c. input.
This European Standard specifies safety and performance requirements for the design, assembly, and testing of EPAC bicycles and subassemblies intended for use on public roads, and lays down guidelines for instructions on the use and care of such bicycles.
This European Standard applies to EPAC bicycles that have a maximum saddle height of 635 mm or more and that are intended for use on public roads.
Safety requirements and/or protective measures 安全要求与/或保护措施
General (ISO 12100) 一般要求
Electrical requirements 电气要求
Electric circuit 电路
Controls and symbols 控制与标志
Batteries 电池
Battery charger 电池充电器
integrated battery charger (LVD)
external battery charger (LVD CERTIFICATE REVIEW)
Electric cables and connections 电线和联结
Wiring 布线
Power cables and conduits 电源线和导电管
External and internal electrical connections 内部和外部连接
Moisture resistance 防潮测试
Mechanical strength test 机械强度
Maximum speed for which the electric motor gives assistance 辅助动力最大速度
Start-up assistance mode 起动辅助模式
Power management  功率管理
Maximum power measurement
Electro magnetic compatibility 电磁兼容
Emission 电磁干扰
Immunity 抗干扰能力
Battery charger 电池充电器
Failure mode 失效模式
Anti-tampering measure 防篡改措施
Mechanical requirements
Sharp edges 锐边
Security and strength of safety-related fasteners 与安全有关的紧固件的可靠性
Protrusions 突出物
Brakes 车闸
Braking-systems 制动系统
Hand-operated brakes 手闸
Attachment of brake assembly and cable requirements 车闸部件的安装和
Brake-levers Position of applied force 闸把施力部位
Brake-block and brake-pad assemblies-security test 闸皮和闸盒组合件-强度测试
Brake adjustment 车闸的调整
Hand-operated braking system- strength test 手闸制动系统-强度测试
Back-pedal braking system- strength test  脚闸制动系统-强度测试
Braking performance 制动性能
Brakes-heat-resistance test 车闸-耐热测试
Back-pedal brake linearity test 脚闸线性测试
Steering 车把
Handlebar - Dimensions 把横管-尺寸
Handlebar grips and plugs 把横管的把套和把盖
Handlebar stem -insertion-depth mark or positive stop 把立管-插入深度标记或有效档块
Handlebar stem to fork steerer-clamping requirements 把立管对前叉立管-夹紧要求
Steering stability 车把稳定性
Steering assembly-Static strength and security tests车把部件-静负荷强度和可靠性测试
Handlebar stem/Handlebar and stem assembly-lateral bending tests 把立管
Handlebar-stem-forward bending test 把立管-向前弯曲测试
Handlebar to handlebar-stem-torsional security test 把横管对把立管-扭矩安全测试
Handlebar-stem to fork-stem-torsional security test
Bar-end to handlebar-torsional security test 把端把对把横管-扭矩安全测试
Handlebar and stem assembly - Fatigue test 把横管和把立管组合件 - 疲劳测试
Frame 车架
Suspension frame - Special requirements 避震车架-特殊要求
Frame — Impact test (falling mass) 车架-冲击测试(落重)
Frame and front fork assembly — Impact test (falling frame)
Frame-Fatigue test with pedalling forces 车架-脚蹬力疲劳测试
Frame-Fatigue test with a Horizontal force 车架水平力疲劳测试
Frame-Fatigue test with a vertical force 车架垂直力疲劳测试
Front fork 前叉
Means of location of the axle and wheel retention 前轴和前轮的夹紧定位方式
Suspension fork - Special requirements 避震前叉-特殊要求
Tyre clearance test 轮胎间隙
Tensile test 拉伸测试
Front fork - Static bending test 前叉-静弯曲测试
Front fork - Rearward impact test 前叉-向后冲击测试
Forks made entirely of metal 全金属前叉
Forks which have composite parts 带合成材料前叉
Front fork - Bending fatigue test plus rearward impact test
Forks intended for use with hub - or disc brakes 用于轮毂闸或盘闸的专用前叉
Tensile test for a non-welded fork 非焊接前叉拉伸强度
Wheels and Wheel/tyre assembly 车轮和车轮/轮胎组合件
Wheel/tyre assembly-concentricity and lateral tolerance 车轮/轮胎组合件-径向轴向圆跳动公差
Wheel/tyre assembly - Clearance 车轮/轮胎组合件-间隙
Wheels - Static strength test 车轮-静负荷测试
Wheels - Wheel retention 车轮-车轮的夹持
Wheels - Quick release mechanisms 车轮-快卸机构
Rims , Tyres and tubes 轮辋、外胎和内胎
Tyre inflation pressure 轮胎充气气压
Tyre and rim compatibility   (ISO 5775-1/2) 轮胎和轮毂匹配度
Rim-wear 轮毂磨损
Greenhouse effect test for composite wheels 复合材料温室效应
Front Mudguards 前挡泥板
Pedals and pedal/crank drive system 脚蹬和脚蹬/曲柄驱动系统
Pedal tread 脚蹬脚踩面
Pedal clearance 脚蹬间隙
Pedal/pedal spindle assembly - Static strength test 脚蹬和脚蹬轴组合件-静符合测试
Pedal spindle - Impact test  脚蹬轴-冲击测试
Pedal- Dynamic durability test  脚蹬-动态耐久性测试
Drive system - Static strenght test 驱动系统-静负荷测试
Crank assembly - Fatigue test 曲柄组合件疲劳测试
Drive-chain and drive belt 传动链与传动带
Drive-chain 传动链
Drive belt 传动皮带
Chain-wheel and belt-drive protective device  链轮与皮带轮保护装置
Chain-wheel disc and drive pulley disc diameter 链轮盘与驱动盘直径
Chain and drive belt protective device 链轮盘保护装置
Combined front gear-change guide  整合式前轮拨
Saddles and seat-pillars 鞍座和鞍管
Limiting dimensions 限制尺寸
Seat-post — Insertion-depth mark or positive stop 鞍管-插入深度标记或有效档块
Saddle/seat-post — Security test 鞍座/鞍管-安全性测试
Saddle — Static strength test 鞍座-静负荷测试
Saddle and seat-pillar clamp-Fatigue test 鞍座和鞍座夹紧装置 - 疲劳测试
Saddle and seat-post clamp — Fatigue test 鞍管疲劳测试
Spoke connector 辐条保护盘
Luggage carriers 衣架
Road test of a fully assembled bicycle 完整自行车路况测试
Lighting systems and reflectors
Wiring harness
Lighting systems (ISO 6742‑1)
Reflectors (ISO 6742‑2)
Warning device 鸣号装置
Thermal hazards 热危害
Performance Levels (PLr) for control system of EPACs (ISO 13849)
List of significant hazards and performance levels 重大危害列表与性能水平
Significant hazards 重大危害
Marking and labelling 标签
Instructions for use 使用说明书

Complete sample requirement 完整样品要求:

5 sets of fully assembled bicycle, 4 pcs of brake pad (if applicable), 3 pcs of fork, 3 sets of frame & fork assembly, 4 pcs of chain, 3 set of handlebar & stem assembly, 2 set of saddle and seat pillar assembly, 1 set of crank assembly, 2 pcs of pedal, 4 pcs of bell (if applicable), 3 pcs of luggage carrier with nuts (if applicable), 2 additional pcs of fork for disc brake/hub brake, 1 pc of instruction,  2 sets of motor,  1 set of battery, 1 set of charges,  2 sets of other electric parts

Turnaround time: normal(30 working days)

Informaiton required for apply testing 测试必须信息

1. 整车测试:各紧固件的锁紧扭力
24”, 26”, 650B, 29”or700c,针对条款
Intended for rim-brakes Not intended for rim-brakes
2. 关于反射器的测试ISO 6742‑2,客服同事须在进单前确认以下操作,三种情况其中一种,并在申请表中注明

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