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Test item 测试名称:EN 14782
Test info 测试内容:

Test info 测试内容:

EN 14872, Bicycles-accessories for bicycles-luggage carriers
Clause Test Requirement
5 requirements and test methods
5.3 sharp edges
5.4 security of safety-related fasteners
5.6 dimension (rear mounted only)
5.7 protrusions
5.8 assembly
5.9 rear luggage carriers-provision for lighting
5.1 strength under high and low temperature
(only apply to carriers of plastics and carriers of metal and plastics)
5.11 dynamic load tests 
5.11.3 vertical test
5.11.4 lateral test
5.12 static load test-vertical load
5.13 static load test-lateral load
8 marking
9 instruction
sample size: 5 pieces of carriers, nuts and axles for luggague carriers assembly(fixing device), instruction & marking
lead time: 12 working days

Lead time 测试周期:
Sample size 送样规格:on request
Others 其他信息:
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Sample Report 报告样本:

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