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Test item 测试名称: 
Sanitary Appliances — Wash Basins — Functional Requirements and Test Method
Test info 测试内容:
Clause  Test Requirement
4 Requirement 要求
4.1 Load stability 负载测试
4.2 Draining of water 排水测试
4.3 Resistance to temperature changes 抗温度改变
4.4 Resistance against chemicals and staining agents 抗化学以及着色性
4.5 Surface stability 表面稳定性
  Resistance to scratching 抗刮伤试验
  Resistance to abrasion 抗磨损性
4.6 Cleanability 清洁性
4.7 Protection against overflowing 防溢流
Addition Dimension Test 尺寸测试
Sampling requirement:
2 set of completed samples with assembly instruction (if applicable) & 1 pc of sample with a diameter 110 mm and a 8 mm hole in the centre
For samples with coating).                     
2套,并伴随安装说明书(如果适用)& 1片直径为110mm的圆形样品,样品中间有8mm直径的孔(适用于带涂层的产品)。
Turnaround time:
normal (9 working days); express (7 working days)
9个工作日); 加快(7个工作日)

Sample Report 报告样本:

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Sample for reference 参考图片:

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