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PR EN 14055 WC And Urinal Flushing Cistern outlet valve only)座便器以及小便器的冲洗水箱
5 Requirements and test methods for class 1 products
5.2 Hydraulic and mechanical characteristics
Flush volume冲洗水量
Water-saving devices 节水产品 双冲水产品
Flush rate and impact force冲击力
5.2.4 Overflow 溢流位置
Inlet valve opening characteristics for water saving flushing
Safety margin – Dimension “c”
Backflow prevention, air gap, safety margin – Dimension “a” 防回流标记 C
Outlet valve leaktightness出水口密封
Outlet valve reliability 排水阀可靠性测试
Operating force 开关操作力
Durability 耐久性测试
6 Functional requirements and test methods for class 2 products 6.2 Backflow prevention 防回流
Marking of flushing cistern 水箱标记
Warning pipe and overflow provision标记线
Flush volume
Full flush全冲测试
Reduced flush半冲测试
Flush rate 流速
Physical endurance and leakage of flushing device耐久性能
Chemical endurance of flushing device化学耐久性
7 Requirements and test methods for class 3 products 7.2 Adjustment
8  Acoustic characteristics 声学测试

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