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Test item 测试名称: Child - Resistant Lighters 对儿童安全的打火机

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Child - Resistant Lighters - EN 13869 和 16 CFR 1210


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此实验采用自愿者模式, 征用100例来自父母的知情同意,以及幼儿园专属合同下




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欧洲 2012/53/EU

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Test info 测试内容:

This European Standard specifies safety requirements for lighters. These requirements are intended to make the operation of lighters resistant to children aged less than 51 months subject to the provisions of this European Standard.

This European Standard is applicable to lighters, as defined in 3.1, which use, as fuel, butane, isobutane, propane, or other liquefied hydrocarbon, or a mixture containing any of these, whose vapour at 24 °C exceeds a gauge pressure of 103 kPa.

This European Standard does not apply to:

- matches or any other lighting device intended primarily for igniting materials other than smoking materials, such as fuel for fireplaces, or for charcoal, or gas-fired grills;

- refillable lighters for which producers provide on request to the competent authorities the necessary documentation substantiating that the lighters are designed, manufactured and placed on the market such as to ensure a continual expected safe use over a lifetime of at least five years, subject to repair, and which fulfil in particular all of the following requirements:

- a written guarantee of at least two years for each lighter, in accordance with Directive 1999/44/EC Article 6 of the European Parliament and of the Council; this guarantee is in addition to the consumers' rights granted under Article 3 thereof;

- the practical possibility for the lighter to be repaired and safely refilled over the entire lifetime, including in particular a repairable ignition mechanism;

- parts that are not consumable, but are likely to wear out or fail in continual use after the guarantee period, are accessible for replacement or repair under the producer's responsibility by an authorised or specialised after-sales service centre based in the European Union.

NOTE The above mentioned criteria relate to the so-called luxury and semi-luxury lighters which are also characterized by a low degree of substitutability with other lighters and an individual consumer packaging.

本欧洲标准适用于3.1中定义的打火机,其使用丁烷、异丁烷、丙烷或其他液化烃或含有其中任何一种的混合物作为燃料,其在24°C下的蒸汽超过103 kPa的表压。

Others 其他信息:CPSC打火机认证, ,16 CFR 1210, 16 CFR 1212

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