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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: 建筑用电线电缆
Fire Classification Of Construction Products And Building Elements - Part 6: Classification Using Data From Reaction To Fire Tests On Electric Cables
Refer products 涉及产品:  电缆
Lead time 周期:  常规服务 regular service 15 工作日 working days ( URGENT service, to be confirm, 加急服务待定 )
Sample size 送样规格: 

1) diameter, dc 20,0 mm;
Total quantity of cable (m)=3*3.6*int((300+20)/(dc+20))+10
2) 20.0mm
diameter (dc) 5 mm
Total quantity of cable (m)=3*3.6*int((300+dc)/(2dc))+30
3) diameter, dc 
 5 mm
Total quantity of cable (m)=3*3.6*15*int(100/(dc2)+200

Note: More exact sample quantity of cables would base on the exact diameter of cable and can enquire FTS TS.  more details also can see each test method standard.

Sample report 样本报告:
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Photo for reference 涉及图片:
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