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Test item 测试名称:Safety requirements for superabrasives 超硬磨具安全要求


Test info 测试内容:

Testing Items

Clause 5.1 Requirements for superabrasive grinding wheels

Clause 5.1.1 General

Clasue 5.1.2 Bore tolerances

Clause 5.1.3 Maximum permissible plastic deformation

Clause 5.1.4 Maximum unbalance

Clause 5.1.5 Maximum operating speeds

Clause 5.1.6 Safety factors

Clause 5.1.7 standard operating speeds

Clause 5.1.8 special operating speeds

Clause 5.2 Requirements for cutting-off wheels (saws)

Clause 5.2.1 General (type and dimension check)

Clause 5.2.2 Bore tolerances (bore diameter)

Clause 5.2.3 Maximum permissible plastic deformation
(After bursting speed test)

Clause 5.2.4 Maximum operating speeds

Clause 5.2.5 Safety factors
(Bursting speed test)

Clause 5.2.6 Standard operating speeds

Clause 5.2.7 Special operating speeds

Clause 5.2.8 Requirments for the metal blank (Blank thickness, hardness)

Clause 5.2.9 Requirements for the connection of the superabrasive section to the metal blank (Bending test)

Clause 5.3 requirements for diamond wire

Clasue 5.4 reuqirements for mounted points

Clause 5.5 reuquirments for other superabrasives

Clause 5.6 Marking (Visual checking)

Clause 5.7 blotters (Visual checking)

Clause 6 inspection and testing by the manufacturer

Clause 7 information for use (Visual checking)

Sample required:
12 pieces with smallest package

: 12

Turnaround time:
normal (9 working days), express (7 working days).

: 标准(9个工作天), 加急(7个工作天).

 Sample for reference 参考图片:

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 Sample Report 报告样本:
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