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Test item 测试名称: 
 Building hardware - Cylinders for locks-Requirements and test method   建筑五金.锁芯.要求和试验方法
Test info 测试内容:
4.1 General (Classification) 分级
4.2 Key strength 钥匙强度
4.3 Durability 疲劳测试
4.4 Door mass 门重 
4.5 Fire resistance 防火测试
4.6 Safety 安全
4.7 Corrosion resistance 腐蚀抗性
4.8 Key releted security 钥匙相关安全
4.8.1 General 总则
4.8.2 Minimum numbers of effective differs 互开率
4.8.3 Minimum numbers of Movable detainers 花牙数
4.8.4 Minimum numbers of identical steps 花牙梯度数
4.8.5 Direct coding on key 
4.8.6 Operation of safety mechanism 安全机构操作
4.8.7 Torque resistance opf plug/cylinder relevant to key related security 
4.9 Attack resistance 抗攻击测试
4.9.1 Resistance to attack by drilling 抗钻
4.9.2 Resistance to attack by chisel 抗凿
4.9.3 Resistance to attack by twisting 抗扭转
4.9.4 Resistance to attack by plug/cylinder extraction 抗拉拔
4.9.5 Torque resistance of plug/cylinder relevant to attack resistance 锁芯的扭转抗性
7 Marking 标签
Sample Reqiurement:  
(1) 15 pieces of cylinders and their original keys taken randomly(Thereinto, 2 cilynders with their two next closest keys individually,  one up and one down)
(2) Packaging, marking and use instruction
(3) Manufactuer"s information  indicating numbers of effectives differs, movable detainer and identical steps of key 
(1) 15 件自由抽取的样品和它们的原配钥匙(其中两个锁芯每个要带它们最接近牙花的钥匙两把)
Turnaround time 时间: normal
12working days (工作天) 25000 cycles
15 working days (工作天) 50000 cycles
17 working days 工作天)  100000 cycles

Sample Report 报告样本:
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Photo for reference 参考图片:

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