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Test item 测试名称:  Slates on roof 板岩

Test info 测试内容:
1. dimensional controls
2. flexion resistance
3. water absorption
4. measure of carbone + carbonate measure 
5. SO2 exposition
6. thermic cycle  
7. petrographic exam

Lead time 测试周期:  常规 regular service 40 working days

Sample size 送样规格: 
80 slates for 1 thickness ( for an additionnal thickness to test : 50 slates to provide )
Regarding the dimensions, there are generally the ones of the final products selled. ( For France, mainly 320x 220 mm )

Others 其他信息: 
1. 一次申请可以同时获得CE和NF两份证书

Sample for reference 参考图片:
Responsive image

Sample Report 报告样本:
Responsive image