Dioxins (17) & Dioxin-like PCB (12) plus non-dioxin like PCBs (6)返回 Back

Test or certification item: Dioxins (17) & Dioxin-like PCB (12) plus non-dioxin like PCBs (6)


Test or certification info:


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Norm refer: EU regulation Food Contaminants EC 1881/2006 and the amendments

涉及法规:欧盟条例 EC 1881/2006及其更新


Refer products: Food/Feed materials, ingredients, oils, food additivies, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and the premix, plant/animal extracts

涉及产品:  食品/饲料用原、配料、添加剂、油脂类产品、维生素、氨基酸、矿物质及预混料、各类提取物等

Lead time: regular service working days URGENT service, to be confirm 

周期:  常规服务 工作日(加急服务待定

Sample size送样规格:  最少 Min. 50g, 最佳Best 200g 

Sample report样本报告:
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Photo for reference 参考图片:
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