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EN 15638, DIN EN 15638 冰刀溜冰鞋Ice skate - Safety requirements and test methods
Clause Test Requirement
4.2.1 Connection of the runner to the boot
4.2.2 Attachment of the blade in the blade holder (5.3&5.4)
4.2.3 Linearity of the runner
4.2.4 Position of the runner
4.2.5 Impact resistance
4.2.6 Surface condition
4.2.7 Condition of the blade Toughness Grinding(sharpening) Teeth Shape of the blade end Thickness
6 Labelling
7 Manufacturer’s Information
Sample Size: 3 sets of completed products, and 3 pairs of blade and blade holders, with assembly instruction (if applicable) are recommended.
Turnaround Time: Normal 9 working days 


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