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Test item 测试名称:
Fire behaviour and fore side effects of materials and parts 材料和部件的火灾状况和火灾伴生现象

Testing info 测试内容:

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Test Clause and standard Spcimen Requirement
Class S1,可燃等级 S1(机车部件,材料和结构件 小件)
DIN 53438 10 pcs 190mm X 90mm X  Thickness and 10 pcs 230mm X 90mm X  Thickness
Class S2~S5,可燃等级 S2到S5 (包括SR 和ST分级)(机车部件,材料和结构件)
DIN 54837                              10pcs of 190mmX500mmX Actual thickness (each diraction)
Class SF1~SF3 for flooring materials, 地板铺层的燃烧等级SF1至SF3
DIN 4102-14 或ISO 9239-1 1050mm*230mm*thickness(in service), 6 PCS (3pcs for each direction)
Seat test, 座椅的防火能力证明
DIN54341 9 finished products or mock up
Seat in closed rooms, 封闭乘客室内的座椅
DIN EN1021-1 Cover material:
Small fabric: 800 X 650 mm x 4 pcs 
Large fabric: 1100 X 650 mm x 2 pcs
Filling material:
Small foam: 450 X 150 X 75 mm x 4 pcs
Medium foam: 450 X 300 X 75mm x 6 pcs
Large foam: 450 X 450 X 75 mm x 2pcs
DIN EN1021-2
Smoke Toxcity, 毒性测试
Smoke generated according to DIN EN ISO 5659-2 and modified by DIN 5510-2 12 pcs 75mm×75mm×normal thicknessno more than 25mm)
Electrical Products, 电子技术产品
Electrical products in sealed envelopes
wire and cable, 车辆布线要求
Data cables or optical fibre cables; 数据电缆或者光缆 Based on the outer diameter of the canble and diameter of the conductor
Power cable or electrical cable;电力电缆 
All other electrical products
DIN EN 60695-11-10, V-0
注: 对于非乘客车厢,可以采DIN ISO 4589-2代替
Lead time 测试周期: 常规 regular 9 working days
Others 其他信息:  
Sample report 样本报告:
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