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CNS 3309, 聚氯乙烯塑胶石棉地砖检验法
Method of Test for Poly-vinyl Chloride Asbestos Tiles for Flooring
No. Test Requirement
1 外观检查/ Surface quality
2 长度及宽度/ Length and width 
3 厚度/ Thickness
4 直角度/ squareness
5 加热收缩/ Shrinkage after exposure to heat
6 加热减量/ Mass loss after heat
7 磨耗性/ Wear resistance
8 吸水长度变化量/ Length stability after exposure to water
9 凹陷度/ Determination of indentation
10 耐肥皂水/ Suds resistance 
11 耐酸碱性/ Acid and alkaline resistance
12 耐氨水性/ Ammonia resistance
13 耐燃性/ Burning resistance
14 耐光性/ Light resistance
Sampling requirement: 17 pcs    
Turnaround time: normal (15 working days)
所需时间:标准(15 个工作日)


Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample report 样本报告:

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