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BS EN 1938 Personal eye protection - Goggles for motorcycle and moped users
个人眼部防护用品 摩托车或助力车护目镜
Clause Test Requirement
4  Requirements 
4.1 General Requirements
4.2 Design and manufacture
4.3 Materials
4.4 Sit and fit
4.5 Ventilation
4.6 Optical requirements
4.6.1 Field of vision
4.6.2  Lens requirements - Optical Power
- Transmittance
- Variations in luminous transmittance
- Maximum reduced luminance coefficient
- Quality of material and surface
- Resistance to ultraviolet radiation  Permissible transmittance and filter categories  Special transmittance requirements and claimed transmittance properties  Requirements for road driving Recognition of signal lights Spectral transmittance
4.7 Non optical requirements
4.7.2  Impact resistance
4.7.3 Resistance to surface damage by fine particles
4.8 Optional requirements – Resistance to fogging
6 Information supplied by the manufacturers
7 Marking
Material Tests Not testing material part may result in an incomplete report of this standard 
物料测试 (不测试物料部分会导致本标准报告不完整)
1 The chromium VI content of leather in clothing and gloves(EN
2 Nickel Release (EN 1811) (for metal)
3 AZO DYE (67/548/EEC) (for textile and leather)
4 PH Value (ISO 3071)  (for textile and leather)
5 Colorfastness to perspiration (ISO-105-E04) (for textile and leather)
Sample Required:  
20 pairs (for package price) with final packaging/ labeling. Raw material shall be provided for material tests.
Additional 5 pairs for each additional claims, 如果要做选择附加功能测试(防雾)需要增加5副样品 
Turnaround Time: 10 working days

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