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Text item 测试项目:Building hardware - Single - axis hinge - Requirement and test method 门铰链,门合页(欧洲市场)


Text info 测试内容:

Testing Items

5.1 Initial friction torque measurements 初始摩擦扭矩测量

5.2.1 Load-Deformation Test 静载变形测试

5.2.2 Overload Test 过载测试

5.3 Shear Strength Test 剪切强度测试

5.4 Durability Test 疲劳测试                                 

5.5 Corrosion Resistance Test 腐蚀抗性测试

5.6 Hinges for use on fire-resistance and/or smoke-control doors

5.7 Hinges for use on burglar-resistance doors 用于防盗门上的铰链附加测试

8 Marking 标签

Note: 说明
Durability cycles corresponding to grade
Grade1/2/5/8  10000 cycles
Grade3/6/9     25000 cycles
Grade4/7/10   200000 cycles
Test door mass corresponding to Grade
Grade 1         10kg
Grade 2/3/4    20kg
Grade 5/6/7    40kg
Grade 8/9/10   60kg

Sample Requirement: 15pieces of samples

样品要求: 15件样品

Turnaround time: normal 11 working days(Grade1/2/5/8)  15working days(Grade3/6/9) 26 working days (Grade4/7/10)

所需时间: 标准 11个工作天(1/2/5/8级)15个工作天(3/6/9级)26个工作天(4/7/10级)


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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