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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: 儿童床羽绒被
Textile child care articles - Safety requirements and test methods for children's cot duvets
Test or certification info 测试和认证相关内容:
4.1.1  General
4.1.2 Cot duvet ensemble
4.1.4  Labels
4.1.5  Embellishments
4.1.6  Fabrics and filling materials Care instructions checking Infestation and Foreign Materials Checking
5.2 Label marking
4.1.7 Slide fasteners
4.1.3  Threads (including cot duvet seams)
4.2.1 Entrapment of fingers and toes, ischemia 
4.2.2 Small part aspiration or ingestion, internal asphyxiation(choking)
4.2.3 Cutting, puncture, abrasion
4.3.1 Migration of certain substances
4.3.2 Formaldehyde
4.3.3 Flame retardants
4.4 Thermal hazards-hypothermia and hyperthermia
4.5 Fire hazards hygiene and cleanliness of feather and down
           oxygen index umber EN 1162
           turbidity EN 1164 colour fastness to water
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