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BS EN 15570 Hardware for furniture- Strength and durability of hinges and their components-Hinges pivoting on a vertical axis
packaging price Level 1
packaging price Level 2
packaging price Level 3
6.2.1 vertical static overload test
6.2.2 Horizontal static overload test Closing force, hinges with self-closing mechanisms Opening and closing forces
6.3.3 1st vertical static load test
6.3.4 1st horizontal static load
6.3.5 Slam shut
6.3.7 Durability Level 1
6.3.7 Durability Level 2
6.3.7 Durability Level 3
6.3.8 Deflection (sagging) test
6.3.9 2nd vertical static load
6.3.10 2nd horizontal static load
6.4 Corrosion resistance
Sample required: 5 sets of products (if applicable) is recommended.
Turnaround time: 12 working days, 第一单测试需要1-2周准备测试夹具时间
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Sample report 样本报告:
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Photo for reference 涉及图片:
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