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Test item 测试名称:
Office furniture--Storage furniture--Part 3: Test methods for the determination of stability and strength of the structure
Test info 测试内容:
Clause Test Requirement
5.2 Strength of the unit 结构强度测试
5.3 Shelves 架子
5.3.1 Pull out of shelves 架子的抗拉出测试
5.3.2 Strength of shelf supports 架子支撑件的强度测试
5.4 Strength of top surfaces   上表面的强度测试
5.5 Stability of free standing units 自由站立单元的稳定性测试
5.5.1 Stability of the unloaded unit 不加载条件下的稳定性测试
5.5.2 Stability of the loaded unit 加载条件下的稳定性测试
5.6 Screen and wall hanging units 挂在屏风和墙壁上的单元
5.6.2 Dislodgment of screen and wall hanging cabinet and shelves
5.6.3 Tests on moving parts, shelf supports and top surfaces  移动部件的测试
5.6.4 Strength of screen and wall attachment device
5.7 Floor standing unit attached to the building  
Sample required:
3 sets of completed products with assembly instruction
 (if applicable) is recommended.
:全套样品3 套并包括安装说明书(如适用).
Turnaround time:
normal (12 working days), express (9 working days).
: 标准(2 个工作天), 加快(9 个工作天).

Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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