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Test item 测试名称:Office Furniture - Visitor Chairs  办公家俱 - 接待椅
Test info 测试内容:
Clause Test Requirement
4.1 Clause 4.1 Dimensional requirements 尺寸要求
5 Clause 5  Safety requirements 安全要求
5.1 Clause 5.1 General design requirements 一般的设计要求
5.2 Clause 5.2 Stability during use  使用过程中的稳定性
5.2.1 Clause 5.2.1 Swivelling chairs 旋转椅
5.2.2 Clause 5.2.2 Non swivelling chairs 非旋转椅
5.3 Clause 5.3 Rolling resistance of the unloaded chair
5.4 Clause 5.4 Strength and durability 强度和耐久性
  1. Seat and back static load test 座位与靠背的静态装载
2. Seat front edge static load test 座位前边的静态装载
3. Additional static load test for tilting chairs and intermediate reclining chairs 对于倾斜椅和躺椅的附加静态装载测试
4. Foot rail/foot rest and leg static load test 搁脚板的静态装载
5. Arm sideways static load test 扶手侧面静态装载
6. Arm downwards static load test 扶手向下静态装载
7. Seat and back fatigue test for chairs without tilting or reclining mechanism 座位和靠背的疲劳测试
8. Seat and back fatigue test for chairs with tilting or reclining  mechanism (upright position)
9. Additional fatigue test for tilting chairs and intermediate reclining chair (reclined position) 倾斜椅和躺椅的附加疲劳测试(倾斜状态)
10. Seat front edge fatigue test 座位前面的疲劳测试
11. Arm fatigue test 扶手疲劳测试
12. Leg forward static load test 椅腿向前的静态装载
13. Leg sideways static load test 椅腿侧面的静态装载
14. Seat impact test 座位冲击测试
6 Clause 6 Information for use 使用说明
Sample required: 3 sets of completed products with assembly instruction is recommended.
样品要求 :全套样品3套并包括安装说明书.
Turnaround time: Regular (17 working days), Express (12 working days).
所需时间: 标准(17 个工作天), 加快(12 个工作天).


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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