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Test item 测试名称: External blinds-Performance requirements including safety 外遮挡系统-包括安全性的执行要求 
Test info 测试内容:  
4.2 Wind resistance 抗风性能
Folding arm and treillis arm awnings
Pivot arm awning and marquisolette
Awning with lateral guiderail without tension system
Awning with lateral guiderail with tension system
Roller shutter,wing shutter, venetian shutter, flat closing concertina shutter, concertina shutter, sliding panel shutter
External venetian blind
Resistance of projection systems
5 Resistance to water pocket 抗水窝性能
6 Resistance to snow load 抗雪载荷性能
7 Operating effort 操作性
8 Design of the operating mechanism―Diagrams HPV(human Pull Value) 机械装置操作设计
9 Misuse 错误使用
10 Mechanical endurance(repeated operation cycles) 机械的耐久力
10.3.2 Manual operation
Extension/retraction 3000/7000/10000cycles
Tilting 6000/14000/20000cycles
10.3.3 Power operated operation
Extension/retraction 3000/7000/10000cycles
Tilting 6000/14000/20000cycles
11 Operation in frosty conditions 雾状态下的操作性
12 Safety in use 使用的安全性
12.2 Falling of persons 操作人的坠落
12.3 Protection against potentially harmful components 潜在伤害人体构件的防护
12.4 Guided power operated awnings―Injurious contacts in operation
12.5 Electric hazards 关于电的伤害
13 Hygiene, health and environment 卫生,健康和环保
14 Thermal resistance 抗热电阻能力
15 Durability 耐久力(织物,环保方面)
15.2.2 Colour fastness 色牢度
15.2.3 Tensile resistance 抗拉力
15.2.4 Dimensional stability 尺寸稳定性
15.2.5 Resistance to water penetration 防水性
15.3 Metals 金属抗腐蚀性
16 Appearance performances 外观操作
17 Handling and storage 处理和储存
18 Information for use 使用信息
18.2 Signal and warning device 警示装置
18.3 Accompanying documents 附属文件
18.4 Marking 标签
Additional charge(Corrosion resistance)
Class Description
1 Withstand 24 hours in 5% salt spray 
2 Withstand 48 hours in 5% salt spray 
3 Withstand 96 hours in 5% salt spray 
4 Withstand 240 hours in 5% salt spray 
Lead time 测试周期: Normal (16 working days ) For 1000h weathering shall consider weathering time
标准(16个工作天), 1000小时老化需加上老化时间.
Sample size 送样规格
3 sets of completed products with assembly instruction (if applicable)  are recommended. 全套样品3套并包括安装说明书(如适用) . 
Others 其他信息:
1. Outdoor components are required to be class 4, indoor components shall be at least class 2.
Remark: #1---Exclude the price of Electric hazards(EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-97).
  #2---Test is estimated after 1 000 h exposure to weathering agents according to EN ISO 105-B04
  #3---Details see additional charge
  N/D---not designed to withstand in this standard
Sample Report 报告样本:
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